Client Testimonials

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  • The absolute best Animal Hospital -having been clients or rather, friends by now, for almost forty years-and an absolute Angel is Dr. Donald Floyd...with grateful thanks ! Wendy & Mike Nagel and Furbabies All >^..^< Namaste

    Wendy Chernabrow,

  • This animal hospital has skilled staff, but what makes them extra special is their very humane side, towards both the pet and the human. You truly sense, time and time again, that they are tight-knit and share information about your pet's individual story.

    Tal Iepurașa,

  • The very best. Kudos to Dr. Suzanne Bertrand. =)

    Chantal Manouk,

  • Best care anywhere!!! the vets and staff at Bakers are stupendous, fantabulous, and downright awesome.

    Chef Andy Drapkin,

  • An amazing place with vets and vet techs that really care. They make you feel like you have a family doctor for your furbaby. Amazing care, personalized service and genuine love for your pet. Nothing better!

    Cory Bauer,

  • So humane, so committed, they are a family vet. My experience is always positive; no gouging or unnecessary tests. My main experience has been with Dr. Bertrand, but overall they have been so kind and helpful. Thanks.

    Andrea Rudolph,

  • Baker was the first place I went to when I arrived in Mtl from TO, recommended by Dr. D at the Avenue Rd Vet Clinic. I was extremely happy to meet Dr. Lubbert and later Dr Floyd, and another vet whose name I can never remember, but everyone: receptionists Tanya and others were/are exceptional. Now Dr. Bereza has taken over I am extremely pleased with the quality of care and expect there to be growth in positive directions as we see good training, some of the same conscientious care and, of course, continued challenges in a changing economy. I found everyone exceptionally kind and concerned and expect new receptionists to grow into awareness of the seriousness and respect one has always associated with Baker, and understand Dr. Baker started something great. Keep up the good work, everyone, and thanks for everything. I continue to patronize this clinic although others have suggested I go elsewhere but I know one pays properly for quality and I like this clinic, the people. the ambience, the clients I've met while waiting and also the special treatment and acceptance one receives in special cases.. My animals are closer than my family and friends and while one can never replace ANYONE; we know how important close, good care is essential to our well-being and the more we continue to realize that the better our planet will become. My best to all of you for continued growth and success.

    Alana Ronald,