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Our veterinarians and technicians follow continuing education seminars regularly in order to stay up to date on the most recent treatments, tests and equipment needed to care for your pet as best as we can.
The most important thing for us is to provide you with the best medicine and surgery possible so that your pet is given the best options available.
We have an in house laboratory for blood, urine, Xray and fecal tests so that if your pet is ill and we need answers as soon as possible, we can get things done quickly and efficiently.
We are able to provide all types of surgeries from routine spay/neuters to growth removals, minor ocular procedures, abdominal exploratories, urinary bladder stone removal, dental cleanings and some orthopedic procedures as well, to name a few. All of our animals are placed on intravenous fluids while under anesthetic and their blood pressure, oxygenation, heart rate and temperature are monitored throughout the procedures.
We have a special interest in pain management and make sure that your pet is provided with medication to prevent pain as much as possible following any surgical procedure .
We also believe in the importance of long term pain management for animals suffering from such conditions as osteoarthritis or cancer.
We have many senior patients and believe they need extra TLC. We are aware that many of them develop long term diseases such as thyroid, disease, diabetes mellitus, renal failure , and osteoarthritis and we strive to offer the best treatments possible in order to keep them healthy for as long as possible.



A large reason for frustration and dissatisfaction with veterinarians is the fact that communication gets lost somehow and animal owners often do not know why certain treatments or medications were administered to their pets and no one takes the time to explain it to them.
We feel that communication is the key to success: both in treating our patients effectively and in keeping their owners informed. An educated client is a satisfied one who is able to make all of the decisions that are right for him and his pet.
At our hospital, you are always welcome and encouraged to take the time you need to get the information and explanations required. You can call us anytime to speak to a technician or veterinarian to answer your enquiries. Our veterinarians will return your call as soon as possible and they spend a large portion of their busy day answering your inquiries.


Caring family atmosphere

At Baker Animal Hospital we take pride in being a small independent business. With the recent advent of veterinary hospital chains, we feel that the personal touch can be lost and we make every effort to make all of our clients and their pets feel special. You will not be given a file number – you will always be called by your name.
We take the time to learn about you, your pet and your family.
We offer long term relationships so that you recognize that familiar face when you walk through the door or that familiar voice when you call us for advice.
We always take the time to answer all of your needs.
We have the unique atmosphere of having the majority of our team members working alongside us for  years! We offer an environment of stability so that when you return to visit us, whether it be a month or a year later, you and your pet will feel right at home with us.
Our new team members fit right in and quickly become a part of your extended family.